Logging COVID and FFCRA Time Off

In order to track employee time off for COVID-19/FFCRA, follow the steps below.

Be sure to follow these guidelines for Adjusting to COVID.


1.  Begin by making a list of the employees who are affected by COVID-19.

Edit Employee Timesheets Using COVID-19 Time Off Codes

2.  Review and edit employee timesheets to use the special Time Off code for COVID-19. You can do this from any of the following areas of Wurk:

Checking Your To Dos

Managing Employee Timesheets

Review Unapproved Timesheets and Audit Clock In/Out Times and Hours

Quickly navigate to an employee's current timesheet by opening the main menu and typing and then the employee's name

Use the Previous and Next arrows to advance to the timesheet you want to review.

If you have Administrator access, you can also make this change more quickly by Mass Editing.

3.  From the list of timesheets you are reviewing, select the employees affected.

4.  Edit the Time Off field to apply the appropriate COVID-19/ Coronavirus code (employees cannot choose this code for themselves).

Time off codeEarnings Code
COVID-19 Not PaidCOVID-19 Not Paid
COVID-19 10 day 100% Paid - Self CareCOVID-l19 10 day 100% Paid - Self Care
COVID-19 10 day 2/3 Paid - Family CareCOVID-19 10 day 2/3 Paid - Family Care
COVID-19 EFMLA 2/3 PaidCOVID-19 EFMLA 2/3 Paid

You may see additional codes listed in the Time Off dropdown highlighted above as this feature continues to evolve.

If these codes do not appear at all as shown above, they have not been configured for your company. Contact Wurk Support at support@enjoywurk.com for assistance.

5.  SAVE your changes.

6.  If you are reviewing multiple timesheets for multiple employees, use the right arrow to advance to the next one.

7.  When all edits are complete, SAVE, which automatically recalculates all time entries for the pay period.

Update Tax Settings for Employees Affected by COVID-19

8.  Next, you need to update the employee's tax settings. This step will ensure that when the employer portion of Social Security taxes is not withheld on these earnings, any other pay types will not try to withhold more to bring the total back in balance.

9.  On the Payroll tab, find the Tax Information section and click on the Federal tab.

10.  Click the Search icon.

11.  On the next screen, locate the OASDI (FICA) section, and

  • Uncheck the box in the Auto Correct column
  • Click the Add icon all the way to the right. A new row will then appear on top of the original row
  • Check the Auto Correct box.
  • In the date field to the right, insert 01/01/2021

12.  Confirm that the employee's new tax setup looks like the example below

13.  If prepping for payroll, continue to process payroll. Once processed, the modifications you made to the employee's tax information will manifest on his or her pay statement.