Main Menu and Home Page

This section guides you in navigating the latest version of Wurk on your computer.

NOTE: Menu items and on-screen options may vary depending on your configuration and Security Profile.


Using the Main Menu

1.  After logging into your company, click the “hamburger menu” in the upper left corner.
This expands the Main Menu along the left side of the screen.

Opening Menu Tabs

2.  Tapping each icon along the top of the main menu shows you a different list.

  • Favorites are shortcuts to commonly used menu items.

  • My Info links to your own Wurk info, like timesheets and benefits.

  • Team has items for your team, like HR forms. For managers and administrators, this menu has additional options for managing people, time, money, and so on.

  • Settings let you control how your app behaves (only displays for authorized users, such as Admins)

3.  When you click on a menu item in each list, submenu items will expand below to help you find what you need. You may also type keywords in the Search field at the top of the Main Menu. This menu will remember your last selection the next time you open it.


Your profile information (such as your Cannabis Badge, Cost Centers you can charge to, and employment profile), is available under My Info>My Information>My Profile or under the icon for your initials or your picture in the upper left corner of the Wurk screen. Your manager or administrator must add most of this information, such as your Cannabis Badge, for you.

If you do not see the Settings icon, you do not have permission.

Learning the Basic Navigation

4.  This section explains elements of the interface you can use throughout the system.

Blue text are clickable links to actions or more information.

Titles along the top show you where you are in the system.

Tabs along the top toggle what displays on the screen. When there are more tabs than fit on the screen, you can tap to scroll sideways and see more tabs.

If you drill down to a page, you can use the Up arrow to back out, or the Main Menu>Home.
Throughout the interface, you can use the Back arrow to return to a previous screen, and the x to close.


Using Your Home Page

5.  Your home page is what you see when you log in to Wurk and click Home at the bottom of the main menu. This home page has a main landing page or "dashboard" of the most important information for you, and additional tabs for more dashboards along the top. Each dashboard contains “widgets,” which are boxes of information on the screen. These widgets vary depending on your user permissions and setup.

6.  Shown below is a typical example of the Home page for a regular employee. Explore your home page in Wurk to get familiar.

Using Tabs on the Home Page

7.  Tabs you may see along the top of a screen can help you quickly toggle to commonly used information. Your tabs may differ from the examples shown here and from your mobile app. Tabs on mobile behave very similarly to the desktop version.

To access a tab, select it.

To scroll through your tabs, select the tab on the farthest right side of your screen.

Managers and admins will see additional tabs, such as Time and Benefits.

Filling Out Forms and Completing Checklists

8.  For lengthy forms and checklists, Wurk displays them with blue tabs along the left to help you fill them out more easily.

9.  You can advance through each tab or section of the form to complete sections.

10.  You can either use the Continue button or click on each tab to complete the form in a "sequence".

11.  Once all fields are completed, the Submit button becomes available.
The example below shows this type of form for the Onboarding Checklist (for new employees).

Picking Dates on Calendars

12.  Anywhere in Wurk where you need access a date field, you will see a calendar icon. Select it to pick the date from a calendar popup.


When setting dates such as the employee’s birthdate, change the year by double-clicking on the header at the top of the popup.