Updating Beneficiaries Between Enrollment Periods

Updating Beneficiaries Between Enrollment Periods (Mobile & Desktop)

Employees will access their benefit plans under My Info > My Benefits > Benefit Plans.

An Edit Beneficiaries edit icon is available in the Review/Edit Benefits screen next to benefit plans where beneficiaries are enabled in the benefit plan.

Clicking this button will present a pop-up where employees will choose an effective date for the change. The date must be for current or future dates.

After clicking Save on the effective date pop-up, the employee will be presented the Edit Beneficiaries pop-up where they can click the link for Select Your Beneficiaries, or if contingent beneficiaries have also been selected on the employee’s assigned benefit plan, a link for contingents will also be available.

Once the employee clicks one of the links, another Edit Beneficiaries pop-up will open. Current beneficiaries are shown with boxes checked and current percentages populated. Employees can edit beneficiary information here by changing percentages for existing beneficiaries and/or adding new beneficiaries by clicking the Add Contact link and creating a new beneficiary. After clicking Save And Select, the new selections will be applied.