Clocking In and Out Using the Web Clock

If your company has set up kiosks or wall-mounted tablets for you to use to punch in and out, or you have received a Wurk welcome email with a link similar to[CompanyShortName]/.clock, follow these instructions to clock in and out and log your hours.

If you are an Administrator and are not sure whether your organization should use this method or has it enabled, please contact your Wurk Account Manager.


1.  At  a linked kiosk, tablet, or website, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Enter your user name and password (or the system-generated password provided in your Welcome email).

2.  Tap CLOCK IN. You are now clocked in.

Remember to return to the web clock at the end of your shift or workday to CLOCK OUT. If you do not, your hours may continue to accrue after you have left work, and you may have to request changes to your time entries from your manager.