Viewing Groups Using Reports

You can use the following reports to see group managers and members in different ways.


To See Who Is In Every Group in Wurk

Admin>Global Setup>Groups>Employee Group Membership: Displays all users and the groups to which they are members.

To See All Managers of Wurk Groups

Admin Settings> Global Setup > Groups > Manager Group Access: Displays all managers and their permissions over groups.

To See All Managers and Their Subordinates

Admin Settings > Global Setup > Groups > Manager Employees Access:  Displays all managers and their permissions over employees.

You can also create your own groups just for reporting, in lieu of those provided from the main menu. For example, instead of adding filters into a report to pull in only employees at X EIN and Y Department with Z status, you can create a group with these filters applied. Then other people can use this Group as a filter when they run reports.