Communicating With Candidates

Follow the steps below to send emails and texts to candidates during the recruitment process.

Your Administrator may have pre-configured templates for these types of messages: Phone Screen Interview, Not a Fit, or Interview Scheduled. We recommend you use these before creating your own, since this increases the speed of drafting messages and ensures communication that is consistent with your organizational standards.

Additionally, your Administrator may have also pre-configured additional notification templates to message other stakeholders in the recruitment process in order to keep them (and recruiters) up to date. These might include, for example: Applicant Applied For Job, Applicant Checklist Item Completed, Applicant Checklist Reminder, Applicant Checklist Reminder, Applicant Password Reset.


1.  From the main menu, search for Candidates and click Applicants (or navigate to Team>Recruitment>Candidates>Applicants). Then select the applicant from the list and click COMMUNICATE.

2.  This brings up a screen where you can draft a message using a notification template that has pre-configured by your Administrator, or you can create your own message from scratch. On the left side, you can choose the type of communication to send (Email, SMS, ICalendar). From the Template to Use field, you can click the finder icon to choose from a list of templates set up for your company. This pre-populates the message for you, and then you can edit it to your liking.

You can include additional recipients in the From field but be aware that the applicant's response may go to all emails in this field.

If you choose the SMS type of message, you can also include a calendar appointment. Under the ICalendar option, you can design the appointment part of the message, including the date and time..

3.  Click SEND to complete the message.