Assigning Group Managers

The steps below guide you in assigning a person to manage a group in Wurk. This person does not have to be a Manager (by title) in your organization. By assigning a group manager, you give this person access to information records of the members of the group, such as paystubs, base pay, time and attendance, performance, and personal profile information.


1.  Open an existing Wurk group by clicking the Permissions  icon next to it in the list of groups.

2.  To add a manager, click the Add Manager button. The manager selected here does not have to be part of the group, and you can have more than one manager per group. When selecting this person, set the level of permissions you want to give to them:

  • Active: This is a date range for when the person is an active manager of the group (leave blank if its indefinite).

  • Account Information – Edit: Enables the group manager to edit employee information (e.g.: Badge ID).

  • Employee Performance Reviews: Enables the group manager to work with employees’ performance reviews (if enabled).

3.  When finished, click the Add button. You can then navigate Back to the Groups list.