Managing Employee Handbooks

Cannabis Employee Handbooks are important for employees to understand the rules and policies in place, and they also serve as protection for the employer to uphold these policies. Recently, an employee of a client was using alcohol on the job, and we found that the employer did not have a handbook or policy in place to support their just cause for termination. For this reason, your Employee Handbook should be in place when you hire your first employee, and all employees should sign-off on handbook acknowledgment at their time of hire.

1. You can see your Company Employee Handbooks under My Info>My Company>Documents.

2. Make sure that your Employee Handbook stays up-to-date with quickly changing state and federal laws. We recommend a thorough review every six months or as federal and state laws change. For more guidance, see Employee Handbooks that Drive Compliance & Culture.

3. If you are an Administrator, you can update and add new Employee Handbooks under Admin>Our Company>Document Upload.