Auditing Payroll

As part of payroll prep, we recommend as a best practice that you audit your payroll using the reports provided by Wurk. This prevents errors in paychecks and avoids subsequent supplemental payrolls (or worse yet, voiding pay statements) to make corrections.

When auditing your payroll prior to processing, focus on report information for earnings, tax deductions, and net pay.

1.  From the PAYROLL QUICK LINKS menu, open the Payroll Register (By PST) report.

This report shows you a summary of each employee's pay statement.

2.  Click the Preview Pay Statement icon to preview that pay statement for a specific employee.

3.  From the PAYROLL QUICK LINKS menu, open the Payroll Recap Funding Report.

This report shows you all payroll payments and funding sources to give an overview of a payroll run: the taxes, live checks, direct deposits, Vendor liabilities and your Wurk Invoice (example below) paid for this run.

Information in this report varies depending on the payroll processing status. All sections of the report update prior to completion of the Finalize step for a payroll. The report displays the same information for all statuses of a payroll including open, closed, submitted, and finalized. This allows you to view the funding portion of the report to determine the total cash requirements for the payroll, regardless of whether the payroll is initialized, closed, submitted and/or finalized.

Before a payroll is closed, invoice information will not be available on the Payroll Recap & Funding report.

After a payroll is closed, and prior to payroll finalization, invoice information can be seen in the Billing section of Payroll Recap & Funding report.

After payroll finalization, invoice information can be seen in the Billing and Recap sections of the Payroll Recap & Funding report. Tax liabilities may also show in the report after payroll is closed, submitted or finalized.