Locating Payroll Reports in Wurk

This topic guides you in finding the standard reports for Payroll. As you become familiar with them, you can customize and save them for yourself and for sharing with other people in Wurk.



1.  From the Main Menu, click Team>Payroll>Reports. This menu shows categories of reports you can review and customize to save as your own, share with coworkers, and export for reporting purposes.

You can also get to these reports from the Main Menu > My Info > My Reports > Payroll Reports

In order to make use of these reports, begin by clicking through each one in the menu, using the filters and settings to examine data, and generally get familiar with standard payroll reports. Once you are familiar with the reports, you can then save and customize the ones you need most often to My Reports. You can also navigate to payroll reports under My Info>My Reports>Payroll and when processing payroll (under the View Payroll step).

When you open a standard report, it will automatically display using some filters. This may not be the data you want to see, and in some cases, the report may not show any data. Be sure to remove filters to see all data, and then re-apply the filters you want to show preferred information. These are defaults, meaning that you will see these filters applied every time you access a standard report unless you save your own special views. Views can be named, saved, and set as your default view for the next time you open a report. Each report has its own views.