Your Pay

This section guides you in working with your Pay information in Wurk, such as paystubs, your next pay date and amount, how you are being paid through direct deposit, your tax deductions, and other withholding forms. Topics here are for anyone who uses Wurk as a general employee. If you are a Manager or Administrator, you should also see Related Topics.

If you're new to Wurk, start with Getting Started In Wurk topics.

Your pay is closely linked to your HR and time information in Wurk For example, your timesheets, assigned job title, cost center or department, pay rate, and any benefits or other deductions all roll into your paycheck.

In this section...

Viewing Your Pay

Working With Your Direct Deposit Settings

Viewing Your Tax Information

Viewing Your Withholding Forms

Making the Most of Wurk: Paperless Paydays (Using Direct Deposit)

We recommend "paperless paydays" as a best practice: to achieve paperless paydays, you should encourage your employees to opt for Direct Deposit. This provides the following advantages over printed, mailed checks:

Advantages of Direct Deposit for EmployersAdvantages of Direct Deposit for Employees
Cost savingsFastest method for depositing funds into your account
Reduced risk of check fraud and lost or stolen checksReduces time required for checks to clear
Greater control over payroll and payroll expensesReduces chances of lost or stolen checks
Timely payment of paychecks, even when employees are awayNo extra time spent visiting banks or ATMs to deposit checks
Reduced bookkeeping because of immediate payments into employee accounts (no delays in cashing)Payments can be divided automatically among designated employee accounts
Online transaction reports are available immediatelyTypically no cost for direct deposit; many banks even offer free checking if you use direct deposit

If you do not see options for Direct Deposit, your Administrator may need to contact Wurk Support ( to have it enabled.