E-Verifying Employees

These instructions guide you in using E-Verify in Wurk to verify candidates' and employees' employment eligibility, on systems upgraded to the latest Wurk release.


Completing E-Verify Training

To get started, first you will take online training from a link in Wurk and complete a test. Then your scores will be verified and you will be able to verify employees in Wurk.

1.  From the main menu, search for E-verify and click the E-Verify search result (or navigate to Team>HR>Employee Maintenance> E-Verify).

2.  Then click START TUTORIAL to begin training on the verification process.

(The Pass The Test link will be unavailable until you finish the training.)

3.  Proceed through the tutorial until complete. There are many sections to the tutorial, but each section is relatively short.  To advance, click NEXT. From each subsequent section, to advance click NEXT SECTION.

4.  Once you have finished all the sections, click START TEST and complete the 10-question test. Use the NEXT button to advance to each section of the test. A score of 80% or above is required.

5.  The system will then validate your submission within 1-2 business days to begin the verification process. Once your verification is complete, you will be able to Verify Employees.

Verifying Employees

Once your E-Verify access in Wurk is granted and confirmed, you can then verify employees.

1.  From the main menu, select Team>HR>Employee Maintenance> E-Verify. Then find the employee in the list and click the Edit (pencil) icon.

•    Re-Verify I9 – Re-verification is only allowed for previously verified forms. Select a single employee and click this button. A pop-up will display where you will select a reason for the re-verification. Options include:

o    Re-Verification of current Employee due to expired documentation

o    Re-Verification of rehired employee

o    View Workflows

•    Add New – Adds new I9 forms for employees.

•    E-Verify Requests – Click to view previous or ongoing E-Verify requests.

•    View – Click one or more employees and then click this button to view and/or edit the I9 forms for the selected employees.

2. On the ENTER FROM I-9 INFORMATION tab, complete the *required fields (such as the employee’s Social Security Number, Date Of Birth, Hire Date, Overdue Reason for completing the verification, Citizenship Status, Document Types provided for proof of citizenship, i.e. passport, license, etc.).

Note: If the employee already has a completed Form I9 in the system, this information will be pre-populated based on that form. 

•    Employee Information/Data – Enter all required information. It is advisable to also enter optional information such as the email address, other names, and middle initial.

•    Overdue Reason – If the form is overdue from the date of hire, a reason will be required. Options include some standard reasons and Other, which spins off a user-defined explanation text field where you can enter your own reason.

•    Citizenship/Status – Multiple options are available from this drop-down. Options are: A citizen of the United States, A noncitizen of the United States, A lawful permanent resident, and An alien authorized to work.

•    Documents/Document Type – Select the document types for this case that can verify an employee’s identity. Options are List A Document and List B and C Documents.

o     List A Document – This option allows for the selection of U.S. Passport or Passport Card depending on selected status (a citizen of the United States, or a noncitizen of the United States.) Once selected, additional fields for list the number and expiration date will display. 

 o     List B and C Documents – When selecting this option, a List B Document field will spin off and from the drop-down, you can select items such as driver’s license/ID card, government card, school ID card, voter registration card, and more. If selecting driver’s license/ID card, more fields will spin off where you must enter details of that type of document (Issuing state, document #, expiration). 

A secondary form of identification will be selected in the List C Document field. Options here will depend on the selected status of the employee and can include unrestricted social security card, various types of birth certificates, ID card, authorization documents.

3. Once completed click CONTINUE, this will create a case with E-Verify, which will then generate an immediate response. The case can be monitored from this page under the VERIFICATION RESULTS tab.

Alternatively, you may have the option to verify directly within the Form I9 by clicking SWITCH TO EXTERNAL VERIFY (shown below).


4. Once you have verified the Form I9, you can click SUBMIT. This will create the case in the application, take you to the Review Case panel where the fields will be grayed out. 

Possible Wurk Errors after Submitting:

Error Message


Recommended Solutions

Invalid Client Company Authorization

This typically means the MOU hasn't been signed timey and needs to be resent

Contact Wurk Support to submit a ticket to UKG on your behalf

Client Company is Inactive or Expired

This indicates the MOU hasn't been signed

Contact Wurk Support to submit a ticket to UKG on your behalf

Please contact your manager to update your phone number or modify it to E- Verify standard

The user attempting to submit the case has invalid characters in their phone number on their employee information page.

Review name and phone number for employee and user attempting to submit to ensure must be 10 digits with no spaces or special character in their employee information page.

The Case status Conflict

Case is invalid state

Refresh browser page to resolve

Submitting – After Entering Form I9 Information

An information message will display with some tips. On the case page and above the left panel are links to the employee’s records and a completion status bar showing the percentage complete of the request.


  • Close Case – Clicking this button will immediately close the case. A verification pop-up will display giving you the option to continue or create a new case. The Current State column will display a status of Closed.
  • Edit Case – Click this button to edit the form. Once edits are complete, click Submit again to return to review mode.
  • Save Draft – Clicking this button will save your work and return you to the E-Verify Requests report page. From here, you can reselect the employee, complete the work, and finally submit the request. The Current State column will display a status of Draft.
  • Submit – When you are ready, click Submit to send the case to E-Verify. You will be advanced to the Verification Results tab.

Verification Results – After Clicking Submit for E-Verify Case

On this tab, you must confirm the data you are submitting matches the employee’s I9 form. If a piece of information does not match the employee’s I9 form, select that option and then edit accordingly. Once edited, select the option to indicate that it now matches.
1. Once ready, you can save and return to your work by clicking Save Draft, or you can proceed by clicking ContinueTo Case Results.

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Upload Images: After clicking Continue To Case Results, you will be taken to the Verification Results page, where supporting identification picture files can be uploaded. Once the files are uploaded, click Continue.


Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC): You will then be taken to another Verification Results page that will place you request in Tentative Nonconfirmation status. A user warning message explains what this page means. Steps explain how to proceed.Indicate if employee intends to take further action to complete the requirements needed on the form by selecting the appropriate response. On this page, you can again choose to save and return to your work by clicking Save Draft, or if you are ready, click Continue.


Referral Date Confirmation

This option will be available only if the first option is selected. After clicking Continue, you will receive a confirmation of the previous page selection. On this page, you will download the Referral Date Confirmation form. The form explains what you should do and lists the deadline for action.Click Continue to proceed.

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E-Verify Requests Page – Statuses

On the E-Verify Requests report page, the Current State, Status, Form I9: Status and Closure Reason and other columns will give you a snapshot of the status of your requests. The columns below will give you immediate information as to the status of cases, I9 forms and E-Verify requests. There are many other columns you can add or remove from this page that can also help you track and manage your requests.
Current State
This column provides a current state for cases opened with the application that are either new or in progress.

ReferredThe employee’s case is mostly complete and has been referred to DHS and SSA.

ClosedThe employee’s case was manually closed by the Admin. Can be closed automatically if status is Employment Authorized.

Unconfirmed DataThe employee’s case contains unconfirmed data. This will only appear if your E-Verify configuration allows users to proceed without the I9 data being confirmed.

Pending ReferralThe employee’s case goes into Pending status when the user clicks the Save Draft button. This means not all required elements of the case have been completed.

DraftThe employee’s case was saved by the user during its creation, which puts it into Draft status.

This column provides a status for cases submitted to and being processed by E-Verify.

Employment AuthorizedThe employee's information was verified by SSA and DHS. The case auto closes, and no action is required. Case is closed automatically.

SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC)A case receives this status when the information entered in E-Verify does not match SSA records or data available to DHS. A TNC does not necessarily mean that the employee is not authorized to work in the United States. Action must be taken to resolve the issue.
 1. Print the English version of the Further Action Notice from E- Verify;
 2. Inform the employee of the TNC result in private;
 3. Allow the employee the option to take action on the TNC;
 4. Provide a copy of the signed Further Action Notice in English for the employee; and
 5. Print and provide the employee with the Referral Date Confirmation if they decide to take action on the TNC.

Employee Referred to SSAYour case is referred to the Social Security Administration (SSA). If employees would like to resolve the case, they must visit an SSA field office within 8 Federal Government working days of the date the case was referred to begin resolving the Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC). Employers should provide employees with the Further Action Notice and the Referral Date Confirmation from E-Verify. The SSA TNC Further Action Notice includes information about the employee’s E-Verify case and which documents are needed when the employee visits SSA. The Referral Date Confirmation provides the date by which the employee must visit SSA. To resolve the TNC, the employee must bring the SSA TNC Further Action Notice when visiting an SSA field office. Federal Government working days are Monday through Friday except for federal holidays.

Final NonconfirmationEmployees are not authorized to work. A case receives this status when E-Verify cannot confirm an employee’s eligibility. This could be due to the employee not contacting the agency to resolve discrepancies during the 8 federal government working days due date, calculated from when the case was submitted. The case must be closed.

Case IncompleteThe employee has not yet taken necessary action on the case. There is unconfirmed data.

Employment Authorization Not ConfirmedE-Verify cannot confirm employee is authorized to work in the United States at this time.

ContinuanceThe SSA may provide an estimated resolution date for an SSA Case in Continuance. If an estimated resolution date is not provided by E-Verify, the case will display a status of Pending. You may also be given an updated date, should the estimated resolution date change.

No ShowEmployee failed to contact the government within the provided timeframe (equivalent to a Final Nonconfirmation.)
Form I9: Status
This column shows the status of the I9 form being used in the E- Verify case.

Not Authorized

Submitted OnDateThe date the request was submitted to E-Verify. This date will be used to determine the due date.
CreatedDateThe date the I9 form and process was started