Updating Employee EEO Information

Make sure you and your managers keep the following Employee Information up-to-date in Wurk:

•    Gender

•    Ethnicity

•    Job Title

This information is typically entered during the New Hire process, or as part of integration when we migrate your data to your new Wurk system. If the data was incomplete, to begin with, this is a good time to review Employee Information records. Updating your data not only provides you with a more complete picture of your organization, but it also ensures compliance with EEO-1 reporting requirements.


1.  Navigate to the Main menu, then click Team>My Team>Employee Information and edit each employee record.

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To quickly navigate to an employee record, you can search for them by name in the Search field at the top of the main menu.

2.  On the Employee HR tab, update the Default Job, Ethnicity, and Gender fields.

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3.  Click SAVE for each record.

If you have any questions about how to clean up this data or for more information on our upcoming benchmarking reports, please contact your Wurk Account Manager.