WurkConnect is a messaging tool like pop up communicator but with the ability to tailor the content you see according to your role within your organization. WurkConnect will show a new task on your home screen under today’s tasks.

WurkConnect can also be accessed from any screen, and the button will turn red when there are new or unread WurkConnect messages.

When either of those “links” are clicked a side panel will pop out looking like this giving you more detail about the August Release.

If there are multiple topics in your WurkConnect Panel, you can select the back arrow alongside the title to see all your WurkConnect messages and checklists.

This tool will allow us to communicate directly with employees about year-end or have a training checklist for newly hired admins. 

We can communicate open enrollment as it relates to your specific company and ensure that only the benefits administrator sees this content.

Here is an example of a New Hire Admin Checklist that can be put in place using WurkConnect.

Wurk will be able to track the completion of these checklists and send any additional information and follow-ups as needed.

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The role profiles can be found under profiles - simple profile - roles on the employee’s profiles and can be edited by company administrators. 

This will be a great first look at the types of content you will receive in addition to insight into your current role profile selection.

If you believe that your role profile is incorrect, or you are not seeing the content that you think you should be based on your role, you will need to contact your company admin for them to reassign profiles as needed. If you noticed a change in your security settings due to this rollout, please contact support.