Changing Company Address

Follow the steps below whenever your company moves or adds addresses. This is typically done by your Administrator(s) since this role can log a ticket with Wurk Support.

Your company may use multiple addresses for different purposes: physical address, check shipping location, tax location (per cost center), W2 shipping location, legal address. If any of these addresses change, follow this topic to complete the process.
If your company changes Banks or becomes Unbanked, or changes Bank Account Signatory, see Changing Company Bank Info.

If Any Of These Things Change, Follow These Steps

  • Physical Location
  • Check Shipping Location
  • Tax Location Cost Center
  • Bank Address or Pay Statement Return Address
  • W2 Shipping Location
  • Legal Address

WARNING: Legal Address changes need to be reported to all federal, state, and local taxing authorities, including the IRS. Wurk is required to have IRS confirmation of a name or address change prior to making any changes to our system. For additional information, please visit this site.

If you do not complete this request with Wurk when any of the items above change, your information will no longer match federal and state records and could cause tax filing discrepancies and compliance issues, or cause checks or W2s to be shipped to the wrong locations.


  1. Open the Address Change Form (PDF) and save it to your computer or tablet.
  2. Fill out the form (in Acrobat) and save again.
  3. Email the form, plus the documents listed above, to Wurk Support:
  4. In the email, use the subject line, "[Your Company] — Address Change"
  5. A member of our Compliance and/or Tax team will follow up with you

If you need to add a new check shipping location please utilize the following link & steps to complete:

  1. Please submit the following form.
  2. This form will generate a case with support who will follow up as soon as the check shipping location has been created.