Entering Employee Cannabis Badges (HR Action)

These instructions guide you in adding or updating a Medical or Cannabis badge or other credential for an employee using an HR Action, on systems upgraded to the latest Wurk release. You will typically do this during employee onboarding, and whenever a badge expires or an employee gets a new one.

Before you begin, obtain a copy of the employee’s badge.

If your administrator has not enabled the HR action for this, we recommend that you follow the basic instructions for Entering Employee Cannabis Badges instead; HR Actions are customized to your company and ensure more detailed, accurate data entry.

Menu items and on-screen options may vary depending on your configuration and Security Profile.


1.  From the Main Menu, click Team>HR>HR Actions, and next to the Cannabis Badge Update HR action, click Start (if you do not see this action, it is not enabled for you). Then find the employee by name, enter the Effective From date and press CONTINUE.

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2.  On the screen that follows, you can see the employee’s current badges, filter by active and expired, and update the current badge information or enter a new one by as shown below. Fields for editing or entering a new badge are the same.

When setting dates, you can quickly change the year by double-clicking on the header at the top of the popup.

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3.  Click SAVE to validate and enter the badge. Wurk will then show you the badge entry. Wurk will then return you to the list of badges for the employee.