Configuring Recruitment

This section guides you in configuring Recruitment (or ATS) Wurk as an Administrator.

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Job Reqs in Recruitment and in HR setup should be linked: the Job Requisition page for Recruiters is a form used to create the job listing that shows on the Applicant Portal; this form is customized by your Administrator during the implementation process. The links on the left jump to sections of the form. When a recruiter is building a req., he or she will go through each section to give as much detail as possible about the job to applicants. The jobs that list under the Jobs(HR) field come from job descriptions created by your HR Admin. We recommend that Recruiters and Hiring Managers make a best practice of using these in all your Recruitment reqs so that your entries during the final Applicant Hiring process in Wurk match as closely as possible the jobs defined by your HR department. If a job is not defined for use in recruitment, the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and HR team need to collaborate to create one.