Checking New Hire Notifications and Email Filters

1.  Check that your notifications for new hires are set up and active (under Admin Settings). For example, make sure you have enabled the ACCOUNT Created notification. This automatically notifies new hires with a link to Wurk and guidance on the initial username and password to enter.

If you de-activate this notification, you must create and activate your own or new hires will not receive messages about Wurk. Additionally, it is possible that other users in your system may have de-activated it in the past, so we recommend that you check that it is turned on going forward.

If your company has purchased SMS Integration With Twilio, you can also send the message by text. This is especially helpful if you are encouraging your workforce to use the WurkMobile App, HCM ToGo.

2.  Confirm that the employees' email addresses are correct in the system (work versus personal).

3.  Re-send the employee Account Created email (under Team>My Team>Employee Information) as shown below.

4.  Suggest to the employees that they check spam or junk mail and print out the Logging Into Wurk Cheatsheet(PDF). If this does not work, using a different method than email, give the employees the login link and login credentials, plus the link to Logging In.