Working With Notifications

Follow the steps below to work with your Company Notifications.

A Company Notification is a message sent by email (or SMS) that is triggered by an event in Wurk, such as a new hire being added to the system, or a Cannabis Badge expiring. Your Administrator (and other authorized users) can edit and create these and configure when and why they trigger, and who they are sent to.
A Company Announcement, by contrast, is a message that can display in Wurk as a popup when the user first logs in (and or as on their dashboard), and is a more general announcement. Unlike Notifications, these are tied to users' Security Profiles. Your Administrator (and other authorized users) can edit and create these and configure who sees these at login and/or on their dashboard. Announcements are often used to ensure that employees get Company Documents.


1.  From the main menu, search for Notifications and click the Notifications (Global Setup) search result (or navigate to Admin>Global Setup>Notifications).


This list typically shows the Enabled notifications by default. You can change the filter to show All if you want to see all notifications that have been created for your company. If you find one you need that is not enabled, you can edit it and turn it on.

2.  To work with an existing notification, click the Edit  icon next to it. The typical notifications included with your system are listed below, however, your company may have created additional ones.

Type of NotificationTriggering EventMessage TitleDescription
ACCOUNTChecklist CreatedChecklist Created - OnboardingNotifies an employee that a Checklist has been assigned to him or her and is in the ToDos Inbox for completion (typically enabled if using Onboarding Checklists)
ACCOUNTW4 ProcessedW4 ProcessedNotifies employee that his or her W4 form has been processed and added to his or her record
ACCOUNTCredential Expiration30 Day Credential ExpirationAlerts user that credential (such as Cannabis badge) expires in 30 days
ACCOUNTCredential Expiration60 Day Credential ExpirationAlerts user that credential (such as Cannabis badge) expires in 60 days
ACCOUNTPassword ResetPassword ResetAlerts user that his or her password has been reset
ACCOUNTCreatedAccount Created w/Login InstructionsWelcomes new employees to Wurk with login instructions and helpful links
ACCOUNTChecklist ReminderChecklist Item ReminderReminds employee to complete an item in a checklist
ACCOUNTI9 ExpirationI-9 Expiration: 14 DaysAlerts employee and admins that the I9 form expires in 14 days
APPLICANT TRACKINGApplicant Opened AccountApplicant Opened AccountWelcomes an applicant to the Recruitment module
APPLICANT TRACKINGApplicant Applied For JobApplicant Applied for JobNotifies an applicant who has applied for a job in the Recruitment module that his or her application has been received
APPLICANT TRACKINGApplicant Password ResetApplicant Password ResetNotifies an applicant that his or her password has been reset
EASY BACKGROUNDSeasyBackgrounds Authorization CompletedBackground Authorization CompleteAlerts admins that an applicant has authorized an easyBackgrounds check
EASY BACKGROUNDSeasyBackgrounds Authorize For ApplicantApplicant Background Check AuthorizationNotifies employee that his or her W4 form has been processed and added to his or her record
EASY BACKGROUNDSeasyBackgrounds AuthorizeEmployee Background Check AuthorizationAsks an employee to authorize an easyBackgrounds check
HREvent CreatedMasterTax Package NotificationConfirms for your Company Payroll Contact that a quarter-end tax packet has been uploaded to Wurk and is available for download.
PAYROLLPayroll (Submit Date Based)Payroll Submission Reminder- 3 DaysReminds your Company Payroll Contact to finalize a payroll for a pay date coming in 3 days.
PAYROLLPayroll (Submit Date Based)Payroll Submission Reminder - 5 DaysReminds your Company Payroll Contact to finalize a payroll for a pay date coming in 5 days.
VIRTUAL CODE AUTHENTICATIONVCA Settings Change RequestAuthentication Change ApprovalPrompts the designated admin to approve and verify Virtual Code authentication when an employee changes his or her login

3.  To create a new notification, click NEW NOTIFICATION. The next window lists all the preset notifications you can create. Scroll to find the one most like the notice you want to create and click the flag icon to select it. Notice how this list is much longer than the one above, which only showed the notifications that have been created for your company. Think of the notifications listed below as templates you can use to create new notifications.

Notification Categories

The types of notifications you can work with (in the System column) are defined below.

•ACCOUNT – Contains notifications related to User Accounts, such as password expiration, anniversary dates, etc.

•ACCOUNT (INCIDENT) – Contains notifications for when an incident is created or closed.

•ACCOUNT (PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT) – Contains performance goal reminders.

•ACCOUNT (PERFORMANCE REVIEW) – Contains notifications for the multiple phases of the performance review process. (These notifications will only display if Performance Management has been enabled in the company.)

•ACCRUALS – Contains notifications for the Accruals module, such as negative balances and the ending of a waiting period.

•APPLICANT TRACKING – Contains notifications for when an applicant applies for a job, opens an account, has a custom form assigned, or resets a password.

•BENEFITS – Contains notifications for when benefit changes have been approved/rejected/submitted, as well as notifications for end dates regarding benefit/dependent benefit, and open enrollment ends.

•CHECKLIST ITEM REQUEST – Contains a Workflow notification.

•COMPANY SETUP – Contains notifications for additions/changes to bank accounts, benefit plans, company tax, cost center, deductions, earnings, time offs, and vendors

•CUSTOM FORM – Contains a notification for when an employee custom form has been created.

•EASY BACKGROUNDS – Contains notifications for when a background check is authorized or completed, or an authorization is granted.

•E-VERIFY – Contains a notification to inform users that an employee has completed E-Verify registration.

•FEEDBACK – Contains notifications related to the feedback process, such as when feedback has been added, status change, or comments added to feedback.

•HR – Contains notifications for when announcements or events are created.

•LEAVE OF ABSENCE CASE – Contains notifications for Entitlement Balance and Leave case exceeded.

•LEAVE OF ABSENCE REQUEST – Contains notifications for Approved, Rejected, and Requested.

•MARKETPLACE – Contains ACA notifications.

•POINTS – Contains a notification for when an employee accrues or loses points.

•SYSTEM – Contains notifications for when a new company document is created, or when a new system event is generated.

•TIME OFF REQUEST – Contains notifications when a time-off request is approved, canceled by an employee, changed, rejected, or requested.

•TO DO ITEM – Contains notifications for when a System or Company Administrator performs or deletes a ToDo item.

•VIRTUAL CODE AUTHENTICATION – Contains VCA Settings Change Request notification.

•WORKERS CLAIM – Contains a notification for new claims.

4.  In the next window, create your notification and SAVE.

If you have SMS Integration with Twilio, you can also set whether the message will go out as a text message (for a small extra SMS fee) in the SMS Message area.

Once you select this option, an additional window displays where you set up the text message (example below).

What is SMS Integration with Twilio?

SMS Integration with Twilio is an add-on feature your company may choose to purchase from Wurk. It can help increase the adoption of the WurkMobile app, HCM ToGo, by enabling company announcements and notifications to go out to employees via SMS (text messages). If you wish to add this feature, contact your Wurk Account Manager. Once enabled, Administrators can set whether Company Notifications and Announcements go out as text messages in the SMS Message area (example below).

5.  Your new notification will now display in the list of Company Notifications.