Recruiting Candidates

1.  If your company has enabled the Recruitment (or ATS) module of Wurk, you will see it on the main (hamburger) menu under Team>Recruitment. If you do not see this option, either your company has not enabled it or you do not have access.

2.  The Recruitment Dashboard is configured by your administrator to show you the most important charts that summarize the recruitment process.

Recruitment menu options enable you to:
  • Create and post job requisitions

  • Create and post screening questionnaires

  • Schedule interviews

  • Run reports to analyze what is going on with job requisitions and applicants

This topic guides you through each of the above tasks, and is intended for anyone with access to these features, although the same person may not perform all of them depending on your organization.

Depending on your company configuration, you may see:

  • functionality for LinkedIn

  • applicant checklists and custom forms and fields

  • branding from your company

  • enhanced usability for job searching and applicant profiles.

The Applicant Portal of Wurk

This is the view of Wurk that applicants see: it is different than what you will see as an administrator, hiring manager, or recruiter. It is a part of the Recruitment module and is job applicants can connect with you through the application, interview, and hiring process. This portal only shows information about job postings from your company and can contain internal, external, and internal plus external jobs.

If your company has multiple EINs, each one can have its own Applicant Portal with a unique URL. The same job req can be listed on multiple EINs.

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The Applicant Portal is not available on the Wurk Mobile App (HCMToGo). Applicants can only access the new Applicant Portal from a mobile or desktop web browser.

Working with Candidate Records 

3.  Throughout the recruitment and hiring process, you can use Wurk to update their information, set up interviews, log emails, and set up paperwork. To work with candidates, expand the Candidates section in the main menu.

The Applicants option lists candidates who have applied for jobs in the Applicant Portal; this is where you can work with candidate records throughout the recruitment and hiring process.You can click ADD NEW APPLICANT to manually enter applicants (you will need their information such as a resume, SSN, contact and personal info).The COMMUNICATE button is how you send emails, etc. to candidates via Wurk (rather than directly through your personal email) throughout the recruitment process, so you can create a paper trail during recruitment.

As you recruit candidates, click the View icon next to each one to work with their information, apply them to reqs, send emails, work with resumes, and set up interviews.

4.  The other menu options from the main menu give you high-level views of your recruitment efforts, and become more meaningful as applicant records are populated as part of the recruitment process.

  • Applicant Interviews shows you interviews with candidates.

  • Applicant Questionnaire Answers shows you their answers to your questionnaires for your listed job reqs.

  • Job Applications shows you applications for your listed job reqs. Use the options ribbon at the top of this list to sort and filter. The Quick Find and Resume Search fields help you search for applicants by keywords. You can select an application and click the UPDATE HIRING STAGE button to advance a candidate through the interview and hiring process.

Pre-boarding Candidates 

Pre-boarding is the process of adding to the candidate record during the interview and hiring process so that their HR profile is well-populated in Wurk by the time they join your organization. Here you can assign them an application and hiring checklists and make sure they fill out employment forms your company requires.

5.  Once a candidate begins the hiring process, you can use this section to assign them initial paperwork they can fill out before coming into work, such as signing an offer letter. They will see these in their ToDos Inbox. Your Administrator defines these checklists during the implementation process; these can be government employment forms, offer letters, job application forms, and so on. If you do not see options when you click ASSIGN NEW, either you do not have access or your Administrator has not yet configured these.

If your company uses E-Verify, send candidates EVerifyParticipationPoster.pdf.