Resetting an Employee Password

These instructions guide you in resetting an Employee password on systems upgraded to the latest Wurk release.

Some options shown in these instructions might not match your permissions and setup.


1.  From the Main Menu, search for Reset and select Password Reset (or navigate to Team>HR>Employee Maintenance>Password Reset).

2.  Find and select your employee(s) using the search icon next to the Employee field, and when the popup window appears, search by Badge number, employee ID, First or Last Name, etc., then select the employee by clicking the checkbox next to the employee name and clicking APPLY.

If the employee was locked out (you can see this on the Employee Lookup window shown below by scrolling far to the right under the Locked column), you can also click Unlock to unlock the account.

3.  Click RESET PASSWORD. This will reset the employee’s password to the last 4 digits of their SSN.

If the employee has an email for password resets designated in Wurk, they will get an email notification. You may want to simply tell the employee to log back into Wurk using the last four digits of their social security number.