Preventing and Resolving Locked Accounts

This topic shows the best ways to ensure that new employees can log into Wurk.

Safelisting Domains, Email Addresses, and IPs

If the issue is with your company email system, you or your IT department should consider applying safe list groups for email domains and IP addresses to allow employees to receive emails from Wurk. This includes all “From” addresses in the Global Notifications and all Generate E-mail Workflow steps:



This also includes the following IPs:




Resolving Locked Accounts

These steps require VCA Admin. permissions, typically given to Company Administrators.

Approve First-Time Log-Ins Within 72 Hours

1.  In your MyTo Do items, look for Virtual Code: Account Approval items waiting to be approved

You can filter for To Do Type “like” Virtual.

If VCAs are not approved within 72 hours, the user accounts will lock.

2.  Once you APPROVE these, the employees can log into Wurk.

Mass Unlock Employee Accounts

3.  Navigate to Admin Settings>Mass Edit>Mass Edit Profiles.

4.  Select Mass Edit Button

5. Ctrl+F and search for "Unlock account." 

6. Select the radio button, and then select APPLY CHANGE.

For further assistance, submit specific errors to or your Implementation Consultant, with screenshots and example employees.