Manually Updating Accruals

When you need to run and update accruals outside of payroll prep (for example, when you have manually edited an employee's accrual balances), follow the steps below.

This would be useful for scenarios like when an employee didn’t have an updated starting date set and they weren’t getting their accruals for X amount of time, or if you move an employee from one Accruals Profile to another because of a change of status (Part Time to Full Time) and that change needs to be retroactive. In this case you would need to be able to zero out and execute the accruals.

If an employee's accrual balances have not been manually changed in any way, you do not need to run them, you can wait until payroll prep to finalize all accruals: see the Accruals steps in Processing Payroll and Working With Timesheets.


1.  From the Accruals Balances page, select employees and then click EXECUTE ACCRUALS. Then set your calculation rules and click EXECUTE.

2.  The screen updates to show the updated results for the employees you chose.

3.  This information will automatically update in the Employee profile as well.