Setting Pay Calculations

Pay Calculation Profiles are defaults that are applied to employees to control pay calculations. For example: if your full-time and part-time employees are paid with different pay calculations, you will use two different Pay Calculation Profiles (one for the full-time users and one for the part-time users). Pay Calculation Profiles are assigned to employees on the employee record in the Profiles section. Timesheet exceptions are also configured in each pay calculation profile and can have different thresholds for indicating when employees are late in, early out, early in, late out, or absent.

NOTE: Your Pay Calculation profiles are set up by your administrator during Implementation. To add or change these, contact Wurk Support (contact


1.  To apply a pay calculation profile to an employee, navigate to the employee record.

To quickly navigate to an employee record, you can search for them by name in the Search field at the top of the main menu.

2.  From the employee record, scroll to the Profiles section and select a Pay Calculation from the dropdown field highlighted below. 

If you set up a new Pay Calculation Profile with Wurk Support, you should Reapply Pay Calculations to your employees' timesheets. From the main menu, search for Reapply Pay Calc and select the Reapply Pay Calculations search result (or navigate to Team > Time & Labor Maintenance > Reapply Pay Calculations). Then select the employees whose timesheets have been changed and click RECALCULATE. Set the effective date for the calculation and click OK. This ensures that the new pay calculation will properly update timesheets.