These instructions guide you in terminating an employee, on the latest Wurk release.

Since terminations impact payroll, you should first check that the employee's timesheet is up-to-date and complete before finalizing the termination. The best practice is to take the following steps:
1) Terminate the employee.
2) Make sure the employee is paid. If using Direct Deposit, see Paying an Employee Manually Via Direct Deposit. Otherwise, see Issuing a Manual Check. Note that live checks issued by Wurk and mailed to your employee incur extra Wurk fees.
3) Finalize the employee's timesheet: see Managing Employees Timesheets for guidance.

The best practice in the latest release of Wurk for this is using an HR Action. The advantage of this is that the termination must go through a review and approval process: for example, if you submit a termination, your Manager, Administrator, or HR manager will review it and finalize it. This provides a better paper trail with more "checks and balances" than if you simply terminate an employee yourself.

If you do not have this option on the main menu (under Team>HR>HR Actions on the AVAILABLE tab), then it has not been enabled for you. Instead, see instructions for Terminating an Employee. If you do see the HR action, however, use the instructions below.

Menu items and on-screen options may vary depending on your configuration and Security Profile.


1.  From the Main Menu, search for Terminate Employee and select the HR action option (or navigate to Team>HR>HR Actions, then select the AVAILABLE tab). Next to the Terminate Employee HR action, click Start.

2.   In the popup that displays, choose an employee, set the effective date, and click CONTINUE.

3.   In the form that displays, complete the required fields.

4.  Confirm SUBMIT to finish. The termination will then go through a review and approval process.