Filling out Government Forms

The forms you and your HR department use to report your income and tax withholding to the government are all in one place in Wurk from the main menu, navigate to My Info>My HR>Forms>Government Forms to see all the forms you have on record. When you are hired, you will be prompted to complete the forms HR needs to process your paycheck. Each year, you will also need to complete new forms. To work with your W2 for filing your own taxes, you will also need to provide Electronic Consent in Wurk so that you legally opt into using the electronic form (rather than having your employer mail you paper ones). This electronic option is the fastest way for you to download and print your W2 form and submit your taxes.

In the cannabis industry, there are many types of forms you may need to understand, and they change frequently to adjust to changes in federal and state regulations. We recommend that you seek out the latest advice on how to fill them out from your HR department and research them online. For example, see this guide for the 10 IRS forms you may need to understand for 2020.
For more guidance on payroll taxes, see our Payroll Tax Resources and this article, IRS 280E Tax Code: Cannabis Accounting, Deductions, & Strategy.

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Providing Electronic Consent for your W2s

Submitting and Viewing Your I9

Viewing Your W2

Submitting and Viewing Your W4

Understanding the W4 Form

Providing Electronic Consent for Your 1095-Cs

Note: Check Your To Dos! Your HR department may prompt you to submit a form if it is needed (or expiring) in an announcement when you log on to Wurk and/or in your My To Dos inbox. This is an easy way to see everything needing your attention.