Configuring Communication Templates

To establish messaging templates for recruiters to use to communicate with applicants, follow the steps below.


1.  From the main menu, search for communication (or navigate Admin>HR Setup>Applicant Tracking/Recruitment>Templates Library>Communication Templates). This page lists all predefined messaging templates for the Recruitment module.

2.  To edit an existing template, click the edit icon. To create a new one-click NEW TEMPLATE .

Field NameDefinition
NameTemplate name.
DescriptionDescription of the template so recruiters know how to use it.
ActiveWhether the template is available for recruiters to use.
GlobalWhether the template is available to all users listed under Admin>Company Settings>Global Setup>Notifications under the system category, APPLICANT TRACKING)
RecipientsWho will receive the emails and how those emails will be delivered:
Email: the default email address to receive a copy of this template.
Applicant: if the applicant is an internal applicant or an existing employee when this box is checked, they will receive the template message just as an outside applicant would.
(Cc) section: the email for the recipient who should be cc-ed.
(Bcc) section: the email for the recipient who should be bcc-ed.
MessageThe body of the email message is to be used every time the user initiates a message.
AVAILABLE TAGSUse these tags in the body of the message to automate information the system will use to pull information.

If you have SMS Integration with Twilio, you can also set whether the message will go out as a text message (for a small extra SMS fee) in the SMS Message area.

Once you select this option, an additional area displays where you set up the text message.

To see a sample of the message that would generate using this template, add your email address in the Email field. Then go to the Recruitment module and initiate a message. Once you have reviewed the message to your liking, return to the screen above and remove your email address.

3.  Click SAVE to finish. The template will then be available for quick re-use by recruiters and/or global users.