Assigning Company Assets to Employees

Follow these steps to assign assets, such as company equipment, to managers and employees.

1.  Search for Asset and select Asset Assignments (or navigate to Admin>Company Settings>HR Setup>Assets (Property), then click Add New.

If you do not see these options in your main menu, you might not have permissions to assign assets. This is typically done by an Administrator.

2.  In the New Asset popup, search for the employee and select from predefined Company Assets and click SAVE.

You can also do this from the Asset record. For instructions, and to see how assets are set up, see Configuring Company Assets.

3.  The Asset Assignment screen presents, showing you the asset assigned to the employee. Review and update editable fields, such as the Issued Date, and click SAVE.

When you want to update asset assignments, such as when the employee is returning assets or lost assets, you can come back to this screen. From the list of assignments shown in Step 1, click the edit icon next to the assignment and use the buttons in the upper right corner to edit the asset's status.