Working with Employee Checklists

As a manager or administrator, you can assign checklists to employees to guide them through tasks and paperwork they need to log or submit in Wurk.

A checklist is a list of to-dos, often including forms. personal identification documents and information, and sometimes tasks outside of Wurk, that you assign to an employee so that it appears in their inbox. The most typical checklists assigned to employees in Wurk include:
Onboarding Checklists, Job Applicant Checklists, and Performance Review Checklists. Your company may have configured additional, more specialized checklists (typically during Implementation).

1.  From the main menu, search for HR Checklists (or navigate to Team>HR>Checklists>Checklists) and select the HR Checklists option. Then click ASSIGN NEW.

2.  In the popup that appears, first select the checklist you'd like to assign. Then click Browse to find one or more employees.

3.  Select the employee(s). If you know of a predefined group of people you'd like to assign the checklist to, use the Company Groups tab. Once you have selected all the employees you want, click APPLY.

4.  Click SAVE to confirm.

5.  The screen will refresh to show all Checklists assigned to employees, including the current status of each Checklist. If needed, a user with Administrative rights in Wurk can edit items and completion statuses in an employee's individual Checklist, for example, if an employee had completed the Checklist item outside of Wurk. 

To Edit a Checklist: Locate the Checklist then click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the Checklist, then: - Mark Checklist Items as Complete: Click the ellipsis located in the Checklist on the left side then "Edit this Checklist". Locate the item and click the Edit (pencil) icon, then check off the box next to "Complete". 

-To Remove Checklist Items: Click the ellipsis located in the Checklist on the left side then "Edit this Checklist". Click the "x" next to the item to remove it. 

- Complete Checklist Items on Behalf of the Employee: After clicking the Edit (pencil) icon next to the employee's Checklist, all items will be listed on the left side. If a "Security Violation" is displayed upon clicking on an item to complete, this item must be completed by the employee and can't be completed by an Admin (i.e. W-4, I-9 forms) 

A Note of Caution: DO NOT complete HR Actions (i.e. Update My Direct Deposit) on behalf of an employee! The changes will be reflected in the employee's record, however, once completed, it will show in YOUR (the initiating user's) "Submitted" Actions.