Changing Employee Accrual Balances

When you need to update an employee's accrual balance, and your company has enabled the Accruals module, follow the steps below.

This would be useful for scenarios like when an employee didn’t have an updated starting date set and they weren’t getting their accruals for X amount of time, or if you move an employee from one Accruals Profile to another because of a change of status (Part Time to Full Time) and that change needs to be retroactive. In this case you would need to be able to zero out and execute the accruals.


1.  To change an employee's accrual balances and make manual edits to employee's accrual hours, go to Team>Accruals from the main menu. Then select the employee(s) you want to edit balances for and click MODIFY BALANCES. In the popup that presents, enter your edits (for each type of hours you want to change (you advance through each record using the left and right arrows, so you can enter changes for each employee you selected), and click SAVE.

You can also change an employee's accrual balances from the employee record: scroll to the Accruals section, and click Edit Accrual Balances)

Accrued To and Comment (for Sick Time) is required.