Working With Announcements

Follow the steps below to work with your Company Announcements.

A Company Notification is a message sent by email (or SMS) that is triggered by an event in Wurk, such as a new hire being added to the system, or a Cannabis Badge expiring. Your Administrator (and other authorized users) can edit and create these and configure when and why they trigger, and who they are sent to.
A Company Announcement, by contrast, is a message that can display in Wurk as a popup when the user first logs in (and or as on their dashboard), and is a more general announcement. Unlike Notifications, these are tied to users' Security Profiles. Your Administrator (and other authorized users) can edit and create these and configure who sees these at login and/or on their dashboard. Announcements are often used to ensure that employees get Company Documents.


1.  From the main menu, search for Announcements and click the Announcements (Our Company) search result (or navigate to Admin>Our Company>Announcements). The announcements typically included with your system are shown here, and your company may have created additional ones.

You can filter the list by All Announcements or just the Active ones.

2.  To work with an existing Announcement, click the Edit  icon next to it.

3.  To create a new Announcement, click ADD NEW. In the next window, create your message and set where it displays and to whom.

Setting the Platform field to Classic means that the Announcement will not display to users on the New UI. We do not recommend using this setting, instead use New UI or Both.

4.  SAVE your changes, and be sure to select the Active checkbox if you want it to display to users. The new Announcement will then show in the list of Company Announcements.