Checking your Schedule

To see your work schedule, follow the outlined steps below. 

Salaried employees should check with their manager on whether or not this feature should be used.


1.  From the main menu, search for My Schedule and click the My Schedule option in the search results (or navigate to My Info>My Schedule>Schedule). The right side of the screen updates to show your schedule.

If your screen shows the Advanced Scheduler options below, you can also set your availability and swap shifts with coworkers. If you do not have these options, communicate directly with your manager about your availability.

2.  To see your schedule on a specific date, navigate in the calendar on the left. When you click on a date, the right panel updates to show that week with the day you picked in focus. For more information about a shift (if any has been provided), expand the DETAILSdropdown.

Your scheduled hours may be specific to you (called a Personal Schedule) or following a standard pattern of hours defined for a shift set up for your team. Whether your manager has assigned either a personal schedule or a standardized team shift to you, this means that when you clock in and out, Wurk will check for exceptions to that schedule and alert your manager during the process of reviewing your time entries. If your total hours worked are less than the expected amount on your schedule, you may receive less pay, and if your company uses the Performance module in Wurk, this may affect your performance points.