Creating a New Wurk Group

This section guides you in creating customized groups in Wurk aside from those delivered with the application or auto-created by the system.


1.  Click the NEW GROUP button from the list of your Wurk Groups.

2.  Choose the type of group:

  • Filter Based: This type of group automatically includes people by using filters, such as Job title or Department. You cannot manually add people to filtered groups.

  • Regular: This type of group is manually maintained; you must add members to it by editing the group. If you assign a person to manage the group, this person owns the maintenance of the group itself and has access to the records of every member in the group.

3.  For a Regular type group, first name and SAVE the group.

4.  Then you can select people you want to add or remove and use the Add To Group and Remove Selected buttons as shown below.

5.  Click SAVE in the upper right to finalize.