Configuring Company Assets

Follow these steps add assets, such as company equipment, to Wurk so that these can be assigned to managers and employees.

Adding Assets to Your Company Setup

1.  Search for Asset and select Assets (Property) (or navigate to Admin>HR Setup>Assets (Property)>Assets (Property), then click Add New . In the New Asset popup, you can select from predefined Asset Types and add them to your company setup.

2.  Once you select an asset, click Add.

3.  Complete details about the asset and click SAVE to finish.

If you set a Department, the asset can only be assigned to members of that Department.

4.  The asset can now be assigned to managers and employees: click Assign to Employee.

You can also do this from the employee’s profile under the HR tab in the Assigned Assets (Property) area.

Adding New Asset Types

If you need to define more types of assets for your company, follow these steps.

1.  Search for Asset and select Asset Types (or navigate to Admin>HR Setup>Assets (Property)>Asset Types. Click Add New  , then define the asset and SAVE.

If you set a Department or Job, the asset can only be assigned to people in that Department or Job.

You can see all assets and who they are assigned to from the VIEW ASSETSbutton.