Setting Up InTouch Clocks

These instructions guide you in installing and setting up your InTouch clock(s) for integration with Wurk.

InTouch Clocks are an additional hardware option available from Wurk. If you do not have these clocks, you can contact Wurk to order them.

You may be using Wi-Fi, DHCP, or Static IP. Set-up instructions (linked at the end of this topic) to link to these methods are different for each. If you are unsure which one you use, ask your IT specialists.


1.  Power the clock on.

2.  Select the default language.

3.  Tap the Menu button on the bottom left of the clock.

On the next screen, tap Maintenance mode.

4.  Then enter in password 115190 and press Enter. (When prompted to Change Password, please disregard).

5.  Tap Settings.

On the next screen, choose Communication Settings > General Communication.

6.  Tap on Device Initiated.

Enter the Device ID for your specific clock (found under the “Device Id” column of the clock).

7.  Enter the Primary Server Password (under “Password” column of the clock), then enter again to verify.

8.  Http-SSL to No.

9.  Set Primary Server to INTOUCH2.SAASHR.COM.

10.  Set Primary server Port to 80.

11.  Set Primary Server Instance ID to 99.

12.  Review information and then tap Submit.

13.  If you will be using DHCP, proceed to DHCP Clock Configuration.
If you will be using static IP, proceed to Static IP Clock Configuration.
If you will be using Wi-Fi, proceed to Wi-Fi Clock Configuration.

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