Viewing the Manager Dashboard

You can view the new Wurk dashboard for your role from the home page of Wurk.

Dashboards for Managers and Administrators

If you are an administrator or manager, you will see tabs along the top of the Home page in Wurk, which may include items highlighted below. Each tab contains dashboards for that module of Wurk. You may have permission to customize your dashboards, meaning that you can add charts you have created to your dashboard for faster at-a-glance views.

From these dashboards (and/or your Saved Reports), you can open one of the dashboard tabs and click-through on the title of the chart. This will take you to the report that was the source of the chart. From there, you can create your own charts to show on your dashboards.

Your administrator may have also set up a special dashboard for you at the bottom of the main menu via the Dashboard link.


1.   Watch this video for a quick introduction to this dashboard.

2.  Log in to Wurk. If the home page does not show first, navigate to the Home page (click on the company or Wurk logo at the upper left corner of Wurk). Then click the Home tab. An example manager dashboard is shown below.

3.  Get to know your own dashboard by clicking through on the tabs along the top. The tabs that display for you may vary from those listed here (based on your company configuration and security settings).

  • Team (information about your team)
  • Time (information about your team's time entries)
  • Accruals (information about your team's accruals, such as time off)
  • Benefits (information about Benefits your team uses, if provided,, such as requested changes)
  • HR (information about your entire team including links to employee profiles)
  • Learning (information about special training or credentials your employees have logged in Wurk)
  • Payroll (information about payroll for your team)
  • Recruitment (information about applicants and job reqs)

If a tab shows ADD CHART, you or your administrator will first need to add a chart from your own reports.

4.  Dashboards are created from reports in Wurk. To learn more about how to work with reports and use these to customize your dashboards, see the following topics