Understanding Security Profiles

These are one of the many Profiles defined in your system to streamline data entry and provide consistency.


1.  To get familiar with Security Profiles, navigate to Company Security Profiles on the main menu under Admin>Profiles/Policies>Security or type security in the search bar. 

Security Profiles control what your users can see and do in Wurk, including the menu options that display for them on the main menu.  Groups determine who your users can see in Wurk.  Both need to be updated if you are granting new admin access. During implementation, these profiles are associated with users who have access to your system. For example, a Department Manager will have access to managerial functions like reviewing timesheets, but not administrative ones, like controlling other users' security access. Shown below are some of the typical security profiles built into most Wurk systems.

Security profiles not only control what users see on the main menu, but also the dashboards they have access to.

Dashboards for Managers and Administrators
If you are an administrator or manager, you will see tabs along the top of the Home page in Wurk, which may include items highlighted below. Each tab contains dashboards for that module of Wurk. You may have permission to customize your dashboards, meaning that you can add charts you have created to your dashboard for faster at-a-glance views.

From these dashboards (and/or your Saved Reports), you can open one of the dashboard tabs and click-through on the title of the chart. This will take you to the report that was the source of the chart. From there, you can create your own charts to show on your dashboards.

If you need to add more Security Profiles or change the ones set up for you (not recommended), contact your Wurk Account Manager.