Adding Bonuses and Deductions to Paychecks

These instructions guide you in adding earnings such as bonuses or holiday pay, or deductions, such as advances or tax adjustments, to employee paychecks within the Payroll module of Wurk. To do this, you will need to have access to the payroll module. First, you will find an open payroll to work with, and then you will add earnings or deductions to pay statements.

If you do not see the tabs and menu options shown in these instructions, you might not have the correct access. Contact your Administrator. Additionally, paychecks are generated as a result of processing payroll. Mass editing them as shown in this topic will take effect once the entire payroll is processed and closed.

For more guidance on payroll taxes, see our Payroll Tax Resources and this article, IRS 280E Tax Code: Cannabis Accounting, Deductions, & Strategy.

1.  From the main (hamburger) menu, enter “Process Payroll” in the Search field and then click on Process Payroll in the search results to go to a list of the payrolls you have access to in Wurk.

2.  From the list of payrolls you can see, check that your filters show All Payrolls; you will most likely want to use the Date and Status columns to find the next open payroll. Once you find the payroll where you want the earning or deductions to take effect, click the View/Edit  icon next to it. This will enable you to work with the payroll to add earnings or deductions to employees’ pay statements for processing. 

3.  As shown below you can Select All statements in the payroll, or just use the checkboxes to select specific ones. Then click the UTILITIES button and then select Mass Add Earnings/Deductions. Then select a type from the menu shown below.

4.  In the next window, specify the earning or deduction. The example below shows a holiday bonus being added as a flat amount, with Calculate All selected so that the earning or deduction Code is calculated as prep for payroll. Once you have completed this form, click OK and then confirm your changes by clicking OK again. These changes to pay statements are tracked by Batch number for accounting purposes and included in the payroll run.

5.  Once you navigate back to the list of pay statements, you can click PREVIEW next to any of them to see a paystub and print it out for emailing to the employee. Under the QUICK LINKS button, you can also CLOSE PAY STATEMENT to prevent further changes.

You have now added an earning or deduction to a group of pay statements. When the next payroll runs, this will manifest in employees' paychecks and show on their paystubs.