Managing Schedules

Aside from drug scheduling by the DEA under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), there's another kind of schedule that really matters to the cannabis industry: staff work schedules. Whether you're coordinating people's working hours for a grow facility to sync with harvest cycles, or setting up shifts for multiple dispensaries with a rotating list of hourly employees in tandem with an aggressive marketing or seasonal calendar, you can simplify your own time by using the powerful automation built into Wurk so that most of your scheduling is automated and easy to maintain from anywhere.

This section guides you in setting up and working with the work schedules that govern employees' hours, including ways to streamline work for managers as they adjust each employee's schedule, review exceptions on timesheets, and coordinate time off requests. Depending on the size of your organization, you may only need to do some of the tasks listed below, however, all related scheduling topics are listed here since quite often, they are all done by the same people in small and growing organizations.

If you're a regular Employee, this section is not for you. Instead, see Related Topics

These topics are for Wurk's Basic Scheduler module. If your company has upgraded to Advanced Scheduler, make sure to sign up for training in this module. Additionally, you should talk to the administrator or manager at your company who participated in the Implementation phase for handoff.

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Scheduling Employees

Viewing and Editing Employee Schedules

Reviewing Employees’ Time Off Requests

Checking Your Team Time Off Calendar