Popular Articles

  1. Logging In

    How to log in to the latest version of Wurk on your computer.
  2. Clocking In and Out

    How to Clock in and Clock out of Wurk
  3. Getting Started

    How to log in to the latest version of Wurk
  4. Downloading the Wurk Mobile App and Logging In

    These instructions guide you in installing the latest Wurk mobile app on your device and logging in. The mobile version of Wurk is very similar to the desktop version, it has simply been made “responsive,” meaning that the interface will...
  5. Using Wurk

    This section guides you in using Wurk and is for every type of user. It covers anything you will need to do as a general employee. Managers and Administrators who handle HR, Payroll, and TLM in Wurk have additional permissions to see more menu items...
  6. Managing Payroll

    This section guides you in managing pay and payroll in Wurk and is for Managers and Administrators. Tasks in this section require special permissions. Managing TLM is closely related to Pay and Payroll. Employees' timesheets, time off, job titl...
  7.  Setting Employee Work Schedules

    This topic guides Managers and Administrators in scheduling employees in the latest version of Wurk, including defining daily shifts, work schedule profiles, assigning these to employees, and verifying time entries and exceptions.
  8. Direct Deposit Settings

    If your company uses Direct Deposit (so your paycheck deposits directly into your bank account, you may be able to view, edit, and add your settings. You can see all these settings on one screen. We recommend "paperless paydays" as a best...
  9. Contacting Support

    If you need to report that something is broken or need technical assistance with something not covered in Wurk Help, your System Administrator can contact Wurk Support: Submit a ticket  here (login credentials required). By  email ...
  10. Resetting an Employee Password/Unlocking an Account

    These instructions guide you in resetting an Employee password on systems upgraded to the latest Wurk release. Some options shown in these instructions might not match your permissions and setup. 1 .  From the Main Menu, search for Reset ...